Bible Teaching On God The Father
The Bible is unlike any other book ever been written. All other books have human beings as being the author. The author of the Bible is God Himself. God chose men to pen the Holy Scriptures but He put the words into their hearts and mind. 2 Peter chapter one verses 20 and 21 states that the Holy Spirit imparted the words unto men for the purpose of writing the Bible. This teaching and other passages in the scriptures reveal Who the real author of the this magnificent book is.

God Of The Bible Christ Jesus
This book is not to be taken lightly because of the real author is the creator of man and the whole universe. Man's response this book should be of great importance with attentiveness towards every word. Learn the core message of this incredible book and find your true purpose in life. Effective teaching can come in the form of self taught by listening to God's voice yourself or by an instructor that knows the in-depth of the scriptures and the person Who wrote the Bible. Your life depends upon the knowledge of this book of wisdom and the teaching revealed in every verse.

Everything - Have All - Repent - Christ Outside

What is the purpose behind the teaching and writing of this remarkable book sent from God himself? Open your Bible to John chapter 17 verses 5-8 and you will see that Jesus Christ came to earth to reveal God to us as Father. The most important name of God is Father because it implies family and most of all relationship. You will also see that Jesus Christ has revealed the words of God to us and to show us the way to the Father and that is to believe (John 17:21) in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ broke the gap between the Father and mankind by dieing upon the cross being buried for 3 days and then being raised from the dead to ascend to the right hand of the Father in heaven. Your faith in this biblical account will make you a new person and give you a relationship with your heavenly Father. The Bible is not just a book but a revelation of God Himself to mankind and the wonderful Love He has for His people. This teaching opens up a new way of living for every person who believes in Christ Jesus and desires a real purpose for life.

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